Yunho & Changmin’s Sexuality

I was written an “ask” by an Anon but she requested that I don’t post it. Yet she still wants me to address the topic.  Anon thanks for sharing your name with me, and I won’t repeat it here but hopefully I can vaguely quote your request:

You know in school there is one person who people like to be friends with and can be very influential… she had us started on kpop, TVXQ in particular, she would bring us photos, mags, and during visits at her house we watch TVXQ concert DVD’s during breaks. She was all praises of the group, specially Yunho.

Then she said that the people she followed on Twitter confirmed that Yunho and Changmin are gay, and said she saw the pictures and quotes. She didn’t bad mouth them, she just look veeeeeery disappointed. We are now TVXQ fans because of her, altho she didnt’ tell us not to follow TVXQ, she will not talk about them anymore. Is it really true that they are gay? Ms. Kat? if not, can you help me explain this to my friend?

Firstly I didn’t know how else to respond to your ask without posting part of it. So I apologize if I’ve breeched your request, but I am not sure how to answer the last questions without the background of the request.

I am glad your friend turned you and your friends into KPOP fans, and especially TVXQ fans! It’s wonderful that she shared her passion with you.

But I would say that the second action sadly overpowers the first.  She uses “Twitter” as confirmation of TVXQ’s sexual orientation?  That is like using Wikipedia to perform a heart or brain surgery. Everything on SNS is to be taken with a grain of salt, and not seriously at all unless it is posted by a verified account, of that person.

I happen to know that Yunho and Changmin do not use public SNS, be it Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, or others. Nor have they EVER stated their sexual orientation, although Changmin has said on multiple occasions, “I don’t like men,” and Yunho has also declared he has had girlfriends in the past.  They can’t very well reveal their private love affairs, can they?

Please tell your friend that she isn’t just doing them a severe injustice by believing such rumors, but she is depriving herself from the best groups in KPOP ever.  More importantly she is being led by her nose to hearsay!

A part of me wants to tell her, “We don’t need fans like you anyway, if you’re so easily swayed by rumor.”  But rather than state it that way, let me give her another quote instead:  ”If you don’t stand up for what you believe, you will fall for anything.”  The rest is up to her.  Let her make her own decision, or be swayed by whatever direction the rumormill winds take her.

Finally, MOST IMPORTANTLY: Yunho and Changmin’s sexual orientation is really none of our business as fans.  It’s not even their friends or families’ business. It is only their own business. They do not owe ANYONE an explanation on this topic.  It’s personal, it’s private, it’s sacred to them… and we should leave it at that.

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